Meno Sisters

Meno Sisters is a Menopause support Group in the Community led by the community and supported by a Menopause expert (member of The Menopause Society). The Group chat sessions provide a safe confidential space for ladies to share their experiences, learn from each other and discover how best to cope with Meno symptoms.   

The Group meets weekly:  Thursday afternoons 12:15 -1:15pm at ELCAP or Online via zoom.

All are welcome whether you are Peri, menopausal or post menopause

Pop along, join in, learn, share, discover all things Menopause!

Are you struggling with: Mood swings, anxiety, loss of confidence, brain fog, hot flashes, sleep deprivation, weight gain?

Have you considered HRT? But worried it might cause Cancer? Come and learn about the new Body Identical HRT and the many long term health benefits by taking this HRT   

Why not pop along and join in the group chat? You are not alone… it’s good to talk…to share …to learn….   

Prefer to talk confidentially? Why not book a free One to one session with our Menopause Expert? This can be face to face or Online  

Every woman will experience Menopause – why not embrace this transitional change and discover what action you can take to cope better and live a happier life  

Contact: Christine @Elcap

Or our Meno expert: Lynda @The Positive Living Company NE CIC : 07875147090 

Word Menopause Day 18th October 2022

Women all over the world are recognising Menopause today and its impact on them.

Why not join in? Use today to take time out and reflect on yourself and how your feeling. Are you well and coping with daily issues? Are you happy in your work in your current relationship?

If the answer is ‘ it could be better’ then take a moment to consider Menopause and whether it could be impacting on your physical and mental health and general outlook on life

Maybe you’re post-menopausal? In which case take today to do a little research on how best you can look after yourself  as a post-menopausal woman , such as eating foods that will provide you with the nutrients your body now needs to stay fit and healthy, ensuring that you have a good sleep routine, using calming apps to help set you up for a good nights sleep so you can better cope with daily challenges. Be more mindful about being active during the day. By just improving these three key areas of your life you will start to feel better and have more energy.    

Could I be peri-menopausal?

The first stage in Menopause transition is called Peri- Menopause, on average it happens to a woman around 45-52 years of age , but can happen a lot sooner . Perimenopause can last for a few years.  

Going through the menopause can be a confusing, challenging, and an isolating time in a woman’s life. It’s hard to know where to go for help.

Knowledge is power, why not take control of your menopause ? Become more mindful of Menopause, embrace the change and thrive.

Join us at ELCAP where we demystify the menopause, raise awareness of the symptoms, and support each other going through their menopause transition with evidence-based information and professional advice.

We provide group sessions and one to one coaching sessions to provide the support you may need.

For further details please contact ELCAP either by phone or email

If you think you could be Peri- menopausal why not spend a few minutes looking at the link below :

The Menopause Centre

Look at the Symptom checker and try the Menopause Questionaire