ELCAP is Charitable Company and is governed by a board of Trustees who must comply with ELCAP’s governing document and the law. They must also act in ELCAP’s best interests and manage the resources responsibly.

Trustees are responsible for their actions to the Charity Commission.

Trustees usually meet every other month to consider the reports from the Staff Team and any sub-committees.

Every year the Trustees prepare an Annual report which includes the Annual Accounts. These are submitted to the Annual General Meeting and then to the Charity Commission and Companies House.

ELCAP’s listings can be found ehre:

Charity Commission: 1093390

Companies House: 04299792

Our current Trustees are as follows:

Rita GreyChair
Kay WhiteVice-Chair
Linda Cleary
David Geddis
Ashleigh Ivison
Bob Moody
Claire Rowntree
Carol Smith
Donald Todd
John Waters
Susan Waterston

The Trustees are supported by a team of staff members and volunteers who are led by:

Shaun NewtonCentre Coordinator
Gemma O’BrienTransport Coordinator
Christine WillisActivities Coordinator