There are so many benefits to volunteering – it’s a great way to give some of your time and skills for the benefit of others but also a fantastic way to learn new skills, meet new people, improve your CV and to have fun.

There are a huge range of volunteering opportunities available here at ELCAP.

These range from short-term and ad-hoc activities such as doing a DIY SOS type of event or helping out at one of our seasonal through to the more regular voluntary roles of Driving, Transport Assistance, Cooking and Catering Assistamts to Reception cover; Shop cover and Maintenance.

We have a role for everyone, and here are a few of our current opportunities:


Catering Assistant

Transport Assistant

  • Driving a minibus to an event and either providing a door to door service or central pick up and drop off poins
  • Ensuring teh care and safety of the passengers whilst driving
  • Ensuring drop offs and collections are as safe and accessible as possible
  • Assisting less mobile passengers with the rear hoist (if fitted)
  • Greeting customers as they arrive
  • Taking orders for food and drink
  • Serving food and drinks
  • Dealing with bill payments
  • Making sure tables are clean and tidy
  • Assisting the driver in all aspects of the passenger journey.
  • Must hold D1 entitlement on Driving Licence
  • Must hold or attain the MiDas Certificate
  • Must hold or be willing to attain a Food Hygiene Certificate

No matter what your interests, skills, experience or how much time you have to give, we will help to find a volunteering opportunity to suit you either with us at ELCAP or with one of our Voluntary Sector Partners.

To enquire about volunteering opportunities please make contact with us at ELCAP or complete the short form below: