A little insight into what ELCAP does:

Easington Lane Community Access Point is an independent Community Hub operating from the Access Point on Brickgarth in Easington Lane. As a community led organisation ELCAP offers a range of services and activities in order to provide holistic solutions to the problems and challenges our community faces.

ELCAP was formed in 2001 through the merger of 2 former charities so our history goes back well over 100 years and as such as gained a great reputation for what it does.

The role of ELCAP as a Community Hub is:

  1. Service Provision – ELCAP provides local services as well as acting as a signpost to other services in the local area.
  2. Resourcing – ELCAP brings funding and opportunities to the community from many external sources.
  3. Advocacy – ELCAP acts as a voice of the community at local and regional level helping to bring about change and regeneration.
  4. Supporting – ELCAP supports other local organisations through making referrals for their services as well as helping in terms of organisation (governance) and fundraising.
  5. Strengthen community participation – ELCAP supports the local community in becoming an integral part of local decision making.

Our Vision

To see Easington Lane working, learning and socialising together to build a strong, vibrant and active community.

Our Mission

To promote the health and well-being of all the residents within Easington Lane and the neighbouring areas by providing advice, training, education, recreational and social activities through our premises and community transport scheme which are both comfortable and accessible to all.