As well as the many rooms used for training and social activities ELCAP has its’ own Heritage Room.

Photo Gallery

ELCAP has long had a display of photographs of local interest.

Board are arranged by geographical location as well as by theme such as sport, industry and schools etc.

Colliery Pull-up Banners

Easington Lane was at one time surounded by collieries throughout the Durham Coalfield. A number of pull-up banners have been produced to maintain the knowledge and therefore the significance that coal made to our communities.

Hetton Colliery Railway 200

November 1822 saw the opening of the Hetton Colliery Railway which took coals from Hetton to the staiths at Sunderland. This was the world’s first railway designed to be used by steam only. George Stephenson designed it and so it has national and international significance.

More information on the 2022 celebrations marking the bicentenary can be found at: HCR200

Items of Interest

Display cases and information boards are located throughout ELCAP’s Heritage Room offering an insight into such things as the medicine bag of a local GP; information about a local haulier; as well as ELCAP’s famous Lamp Cabin.