Did you know that the main building will be 100 years old in 2028?

Since 1928 the premises of what we now know as ELCAP have been continually developed and as we are now coming close to running out of space the decision has been made to investigate the possibility of creating a 3rd building which will be used to create a new, main entrance and to provide a new reception area, a new kitchen and a new multi-purpose area which can be used as a Coffee Shop amongst other things. As things develop we will keep you posted but at the moment as part of our investigations we have two projects on the go:

  1. A team of students from Northumbria University’s Business Clinic are undertaking a feasibility study into the need and also the potential use of the new space and are conducting a community consultation which you are invited to contribute to. The survey is available in paper format from ELCAP or online at: https://northumbria.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/elcap-nbs
  2. A pre-planning application has been submitted to gauge the advice of the local planning depertment at Sunderland City Council and we have used these architects drawing to make our application: